Sandies Nature Set of 5 (PLUS 1 FREE BONUS SANDIE!)
Sandies Nature Set of 5 (PLUS 1 FREE BONUS SANDIE!)

Sandies Nature Set of 5 (PLUS 1 FREE BONUS SANDIE!)

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You will receive a set of 5 sandies, and also 1x FREE BONUS Sandie in a matching themed fabric.

This whimsical set has been custom made for us at Enchanted Little Oak. It has been inspired by our love of the majestic Oak tree and all the beautiful fauna, and animals which call the forest their home.

These lovingly handmade Sandies reflect a mix of flora & fauna prints, pastel & natural inspired shades, as well as different textured fabrics. Each Sandie is dual sided with different fabrics of cotton, corduroy & satin.

Each set takes many hours to design and create, and are one of a kind. As they are filled with sand, Sandies have a weighted and tactile quality.

Sandies Sandbags are an open ended resource which has infinite uses in imaginative play, fine motor skills, sensory play and educational learning.  Our Sandies have been designed to allow little ones to learn about different living creatures, colours, textures, counting and easily incorporated with other toys and resources.

Play Ideas

- Try balancing on your head, feet, arms or on a wooden spoon. Add more Sandies or have a race!  Toss in a hoop, throw and catch or juggle!

-Imaginative options are endless! They could be a bed in a dollhouse, use as money whilst playing shops, ingredients in a cafe or kitchen.

-Use in classic games such as Hide & Seek, Hot potato or as part of an obstacle course.

-Practice counting, colour matching and memory skills.

- Sandies are all lined and are filled with sand. They are stitched very close so the sand is kept inside the bag.
- Sandies can be wiped with a wet wipe to remove marks. They can be washed by hand and must be dried in a fairly hot sun. Please turn your Sandie over to each side so it dries evenly.
- A single Sandie is roughly 8x12cm, weighs between 180-190g and one fits in an adult size hand.

- Each set includes a keepsake calico drawstring bag.

CAUTION: This product is designed for physical play but is not suitable for aggressive physical play. It may emit a fine dust if it is thrown with vigour. Each bag is filled with Richgro Softwash Play Sand and should be played with in a well ventilated area. Please refer to the below link for the Safety Data Sheet regarding Richgro Sand https://www.richgro.com.au/app/uploads/2021/09/Play-Sand-SDS-Dec-2021.pdf 

Handmade in Australia

SUITABLE for Ages 3+ under full supervision. NOT to be used as a teething toy.