Attipas- XX Large Pink Cutie

Attipas- XX Large Pink Cutie

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Size XX Large fit a foot length of 136-145mm and age of approximately 2-3 years. Equivalent to Size 8 (US), 7(UK), 24 (Euro).

Attipas are ergonomic baby and pre-schooler shoes, which are as close to being barefoot as possible. They have been designed based on several years of studies at the University of Seoul, regarding baby and toddler movement, cognitive function and feet development. They feature a breathable lightweight sole, that has an International Patent.

They have the practical benefits of being suitable for indoor & outdoor use, quick drying and do not easily fall off.  They are also endorsed by Australian Podiatrists.

Washing Instructions: Attipas shoes are fully machine washable to 30 degrees Celsius. When washing and drying, please use a laundry net and air dry preferred.