Our Story

The Oak Tree reminds me of childhood. Its intricate branches providing hours of fun and play, whilst providing gentle shade on a warm day. There is nothing like the wonder and excitement that children bring into our lives. Caring for little people also takes strength and resilience that we often never knew we had within us. Yet, just like the Oak Tree we rise up with strength everyday. We weather the storm and the next day the sun shines just as brightly again.

Becoming a parent is an amazing and life changing journey, however it can be incredibly challenging. It also can be difficult to navigate through the myriad of products geared towards our precious babies and children. 

Hence Enchanted Little Oak was born. Our focus is to bring you beautiful things that will excite your little ones and become much loved items. All of our products are unique, safe, durable, ethically made and as close to nature as possible. All of our range has been tried and tested by our family, and used every day. Be it their first shoe or their first hat, even the most strong- willed little personalities will be delighted by our range.