Mixed Crystal chips for Mindfulness
Mixed Crystal chips for Mindfulness

Mixed Crystal chips for Mindfulness

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Enchanted Little Oak’s hand picked selection of high quality medium and large crystal chips for children including clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, tiger eye, fluorite, aventurine, red jasper, amazonite & agate varieties. They not only look colourful and beautiful, they also can have healing qualities.

These crystal chips are ideal to use alongside our wooden labyrinths by Array of Whimsy as a calming and meditative tool. The gem stones' sizing means that they fit beautifully along the labyrinth's pathways or use to create mandala patterns.

Amethyst- is a calming crystal and can help children sleep better& reduce stress

Rose Quartz- is a gentle, loving energy that helps children overcome hurt and soothe their emotions.

Tiger's Eye- is a great grounding stone that brings focus into the present moment. It is also great with self esteem and promoting courage.

Aventurine- is known as a 'good luck' stone, so is helpful for children needing some encouragement. It is also a stone of leadership and excellent for both shy children or help with showing their leadership qualities.

Clear quartz- is known as a 'master healer' and acts as an all purpose healer. It also provides clarity in thinking and awareness.

Agate- a stone of strength and courage, it assists in stabilising emotions and helps with the acceptance of oneself.

Qty: 200 grams of  high quality mixed crystal chips, including a calico carry bag. Crystal chips are of various sizes 5-10mm (approx)

WARNING: not suitable for children under 3 yrs of age or those still putting objects in their mouth. Choking hazard due to small parts.