Turtle Finger Labyrinth
Turtle Finger Labyrinth
Turtle Finger Labyrinth

Turtle Finger Labyrinth

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Labyrinths are a Calming Device, Meditation Tool, Fidget Toy, and also great in classrooms.

This labyrinth is great for children to come back to center, to calm themselves or have a little "time within". They are a great tool for developing mindfulness and learning the invaluable gift of calming themselves and identifying their emotions. For children experiencing sensory overload, a labyrinth can help bring grounding, control and a sense of brain regulation. They help children develop fine motor skills and visual motor skills and are also a lot of fun!

It's also fun for adults! A labyrinth is an ancient symbol and a sacred tool that’s used in meditation and prayer. Some say labyrinths act as a metaphor for travelling inwards to the soul. Others say they act as a calming device because they simply provide people with a contemplative space to meditate. Today labyrinths are used as legitimate tools to help calm the agitated and to provide people with a helpful tool for meditation. Finger labyrinths are also used as a calming device and an aid in concentration.

Other calming and sensory play activities include rolling playdough into balls or pieces or using loose parts such as felt balls, marbles, gems, dried flowers, coloured rice and placing along the shapes of the labyrinth.

There is no 'wrong' way to use a labyrinth. However, to get you started, a brief guide on using it as a tool for a simple meditation is included. Let's see where your journey takes you!

“Labyrinths, which are ancient patterns large enough to be walked or small enough to be traced with the finger, represent tools for cultivating mindful habits. Mindfulness is the contemplative practice of focusing the attention on the present, non-judgmentally. By training the mind to remain fully present in each moment, the interior mental chatter that often plagues the mind becomes quiet, enhancing capacities or equanimity, clarity, and insight…Amid a culture that rewards speed and “busyness,” contemplative practice proposes a radical innovation for teaching and learning” Artress, L. (1995).

Every wooden board is cut & individually hand oiled.

This wooden board has a natural food safe oil to nourish the wood and simply wiping timber with a damp cloth will keep it clean. You can re oil to maintain wear.

As this item is handmade using wood, it may have slightly different woodgrain and colour from what you see in the photo. Each piece is unique.

Size: Turtle Labyrinth is approximately 34cm x 30cm.

This Labyrinth comes with one wooden Stylus and a calico bag for safe keeping.

Suitable for children 3 yrs+

Designed & handmade in Australia by Emma Lyons © 

Photos courtesy Array of Whimsy